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While we can all pretty much recognize the emotions associated with love, actually finding the words to explain those feelings is a pretty tough order. People have searched for centuries to find the right way to say "I love you" and to try to explain those butterflies in your stomach, that warm fuzzy feeling in your belly and that heart skipping a beat.

we don’t care if you call us cheesy, love quotes are awesome. Whether it’s a particularly poignant moment from a celebrity, a memorable line from a book, or a poet speaking the honest truth, a good love quote can shift the way you think about the world. Here are the love quotes that strike us as remarkably true.

The magnanimity of love is such that it often leaves us speechless. There are a million ways to express your love for the man in your life. But when all else fails, there are love quotes and sayings that will get your message across just as you want them to. Go on, spread the love.

This love’ quote will surely melt the heart of your Guy / Girl. The sentence seems so small to us, but the meaning behind it is so damn deep. If you are trying to express your feelings to someone new, make sure you use this quote before any other love quotes in the list. The quote was taken from a OneRepublic’s song.

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